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2018年世界纯碱大会将由中国纯碱工业协会主办,感谢您长久以来对世界纯碱大会的支持与合作!中国纯碱工业协会诚挚的欢迎和邀请您来参加此次会议!期待于2018年9月20日左右在中国西安与您相会,让我们携手共创美好未来! 具体会议议程及会议安排敬请期待!


2018 World Soda Ash Conference

Dear friends and colleagues!

The 2018 World Soda Ash Conference will be sponsored by China Soda Industry Association. Thank you for your support and cooperation for a long time to the world conference. We sincerely welcome and invite you to attend this conference! And we are looking forward to meet with you in Xi’an, China on about September 20. We wish that we would create a brighter future under our cooperation! The agenda and arrangements will come soon, please wait!

(Please pay attention to our website, if you have any questions please contact the Email:wsac2018@163.com)